NVR funding is informed by its report “A Case For Funding Native-Led Change,” released in June 2013, which identified 146 non-profit social change organizations led by Native Americans to benefit Native communities. Of the 146 organizations identified, 49 groups participated with in-depth NVR surveys. Data and conclusions were drawn from the responses to the survey questions.

The report provides a set of case studies highlighting the diversity of strategies and issues that Native groups are utilizing to have positive impact in their communities — these include promoting laws to provide greater environmental protections; gaining management control over food resources; ensuring racial equity in government programs; extending broadband into rural communities; and guaranteeing full access to the vote.

In addition, the researchers identified five issue areas in which Native community groups are particularly active:

  1. Environmental justice;
  2. Subsistence in Alaska;
  3. Native engagement in the urban context;
  4. Media, and
  5. Voter engagement.

A Case for Funding Native-Led Change” also offers recommendations to funders regarding making effective grants to Native-led groups. “The report findings, which derive directly from the 49 organizations surveyed, led to a series of  recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of grantmaking strategies in Native America. These recommendations are relevant to any funder interested in supporting Native communities and organizations,” noted Carly Hare, former Executive Director of Native Americans in Philanthropy.

Limited hard copies of the report are available for purchase. Each report is $30, including shipping and handling. If you are interested, please email